Young Paris’ “KLAP” By Johannes Knesl (Former writer for the New Yorker)

"Of such countless rap videos here is one that is ever so slightly ajar, not quite fully in the genre box.  Not only is there something almost friendly in the bodies, and this while they never stop moving ominously directly into you, always in your face - what else.  But what is strange is the first focus on these elegant sockless shoes treading ever so gently the derelict ground, looking down straight on this ground, from above, from where the head, up higher, is.  And then, abruptly, this urban ground erupts into walls of wooden shacked back alleys that hem us in on either side, helplessly pushed back and back, held out into the onward stepping avalanche of bodies - all black…."

The rest will be published online and in a book and available as of the 20th of July 2013